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Regain Movement & Reach New Heights with Ultrasound Therapy in Denver

If you’re an athlete or fitness enthusiast who’s sustained an injury that’s limiting your mobility, you’re likely eager to get back into action. But recovering from strained muscles, damaged tendons, or post-operative inflammation requires patience and the right kind of care. At TruStrength Performance & Rehab, we understand the frustrations of being sidelined — and we have the solutions to help you bounce back.

Our ultrasound physical therapy can gently warm tissues, increase blood flow, reduce stiffness and pain, and stimulate healing in your damaged muscles, tendons, and ligaments. With regular sessions, our therapy aims to:

  • Provide significant pain relief
  • Accelerate injury healing
  • Improve flexibility and range of motion
  • Prepare you to restart activities safely

Whether you’re recovering from a past injury or want to preemptively strengthen vulnerable areas, our non-invasive ultrasound treatment can help you regain mobility. Read on to learn how ultrasound can get you moving freely again so you can scale new heights.

Who Is Ultrasound Therapy For?

Ultrasound has long been used to visualize internal body structures like organs and fetuses. But it can also deliver therapeutic benefits. Here at TruStrength Performance & Rehab, we use ultrasound waves to stimulate circulation and ease discomfort associated with:

  • Strains and muscle tears
  • Damaged ligaments and tendons
  • Post-operative inflammation and scar tissue
  • Arthritis pain
  • Other chronic inflammatory conditions

Our ultrasound therapy is ideal if you’re:

  • An athlete recovering from an injury: Ultrasound waves can stimulate tissue regeneration to help injuries heal faster. The improved blood flow also delivers fresh oxygen and nutrients while flushing away damaged cells and irritants.
  • A weekend warrior with nagging overuse issues: Areas that endure repetitive stress like shoulders, knees, and lower back are vulnerable to overuse injuries. Ultrasound therapy can relieve inflammation in these hotspots and keep you pushing your fitness limits.
  • Rehabbing from surgery: Inflammation after surgery causes stiffness and pain that can delay mobility. Our ultrasound treatment can gently reduce swelling and make recovery more comfortable.
  • Seeking preventative care: You don’t have to be injured to benefit! Pre-workout ultrasound sessions can loosen tissues and deliver blood to muscles for an effective warm-up.
  • If nagging injuries are limiting your performance or causing chronic issues, our tailored ultrasound therapy can help you recoup mobility and strength.

How Ultrasound Physical Therapy in Ultrasound Works

Ultrasound for physical therapy leverages sound waves to improve blood flow, ease stiffness, encourage healing, and reduce discomfort. During your session, our therapist will apply a special ultrasound gel to the treatment area like your shoulder, knee, or lower back. Then they’ll use a handheld ultrasound transducer that generates and receives high-frequency sound waves.
As these inaudible sound waves penetrate your sore tissues, they create gentle oscillations in the surrounding cells. This vibration causes tissues to warm from the inside out. We’re essentially massaging your muscles without ever laying a hand on you!

This heat and motion triggers beneficial effects like:

  • Increased blood flow and circulation – Rising tissue temperature causes blood vessels to dilate and boosts blood flow. This rush of fresh, oxygenated blood flushes tissue irritants, delivers nutrients and antioxidants, and removes damaged cells to facilitate healing.
  • Reduced pain signals – The heat also interferes with pain signals to temporarily relieve discomfort.
  • Loosened muscle fibers – The oscillations can make rigid, inflexible muscles more pliable. This reduces stiffness and makes moving easier.
  • Collagen production – Gentle warming is believed to stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen and repair damaged tissue.

Together, these biological responses make ultrasound therapy an excellent treatment option for recent injuries or surgical sites and chronic issues like arthritis inflammation. The versatility also makes it a helpful additive to other treatments.

The Benefits of Ultrasound Therapy in Denver

There’s a reason ultrasound is one of our most utilized modalities for patients recovering from injuries or mobility-limiting conditions. This non-invasive treatment aims to deliver:

1. Reduced Pain and Inflammation
Inflammation causes swelling, stiffness, throbbing pain, muscle spasms, and limited mobility that can derail your progress after an injury. The gentle heat from ultrasound therapy increases blood flow to efficiently deliver healing nutrients and antibodies that help resolve inflammation faster. Patients often report significant pain relief and comfort after just a few sessions.
2. Improved Healing and Tissue Repair
The oscillations and warmth generated by ultrasound waves are believed to stimulate regeneration and repair processes. Increased perfusion brings oxygen and nutrients to compromised tissues while also removing debris. This biological environment facilitates new tissue and blood vessel growth. By spurring tissue repair mechanisms, ultrasound helps injuries mend more seamlessly so you can get back on your feet faster.
3. Increased Flexibility and Range of Motion
Scar tissue, inflammation, and involuntary muscle guarding after an injury make moving stiff and painful. The gentle warmth and motion generated by ultrasound therapy helps break up knots and loosen contracted muscles and collagen fibers. Patients notice improved pliability and mobility in the treatment area. Your flexibility will start approaching pre-injury levels so activities require less effort.
4. Non-Invasive and Pain-Free Treatment
The risks of medication side effects or surgical complications make conservative care ideal when possible. Ultrasound therapy is a non-invasive, non-pharmacological way to encourage healing. Unlike some physical therapy modalities, it’s generally painless and doesn’t require forceful manipulation of inflamed areas. You get to relax during sessions instead of gritting your teeth through discomfort. The combination of reduced inflammation, expedited healing, improved mobility, and a low-risk format makes ultrasound therapy an excellent option for facilitating recovery after an injury. It can also keep recurring issues like arthritis at bay.

Read on to see how it stacks up against common recovery questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ultrasound Physical Therapy

Wondering if ultrasound therapy is right for you? See how we respond to common questions from patients considering treatment:

What does an ultrasound do for physical therapy?

Ultrasound therapy uses sound waves to deliver therapeutic heat deep into tissues. This heat triggers increased blood flow, relaxed muscles, pain relief, and accelerated healing — all of which improve mobility. It’s a drug-free, non-invasive way to recover from injuries faster.

How does ultrasound therapy reduce inflammation?

Inflammation after an injury causes pain, swelling, redness, warmth, and loss of function. Ultrasound waves bring warming relief to irritated tissues. This heat causes blood vessels to dilate and speeds nutrient delivery while flushing away inflammatory irritants. Increased blood flow also delivers healing factors to resolve inflammation.

What does ultrasound do to muscles?

The sound waves physically oscillate muscle tissues, creating a gentle internal massage. This helps break up knotted fibers and loosen contracted muscles. Patients notice reduced muscle tension, less stiffness, and easier mobility. Improved flexibility makes daily activities less challenging.

Have more questions? Dr. Dani Lawson, PT, DPT is happy to provide more information during a consultation at our Denver clinic. We look forward to helping you achieve a smooth, fast recovery!

Meet Your Recovery Team

Our experienced physical therapists leverage the latest technology and techniques — like ultrasound therapy — to help patients regain functioning after an injury or surgery. Learn more about Dr. Dani Lawson, your provider for ultrasound treatments:

Dr. Dani Lawson earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT). With experience in outpatient orthopedics, they understand the frustrations that injuries cause for driven athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Dr. Dani Lawson’s goal is to help every patient recover rapidly using innovative modalities tailored to their needs. This allows them to get back to pursuing their passions pain-free.

In addition to ultrasound therapy, they also specialize in instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, dry needling for trigger points, and corrective exercise prescription.

Start Healing Today

If pain, stiffness, swelling, or nagging injuries are hindering your mobility, ultrasound therapy could help you bounce back faster. You deserve to live actively and comfortably!

To learn more about ultrasound physical therapy or schedule your first session at our Denver clinic, call us at (720) 515-2582 or request an appointment online. Our exceptional providers are ready to help you recover.

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