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Elbow, Wrist & Hand Pain in Denver

Conquer Elbow, Wrist, and Hand Pain in Denver

If your elbows, wrists, or hands cause you frequent pain or limit your ability to live actively, you don’t have to suffer. Customized physical therapy from our experienced team at TruStrength Performance & Rehab PT can help you get back to the activities you love pain-free.

Elbow, Wrist, and Hand Pain Impacts Daily Life in Denver

Elbow, wrist, and hand pain stems from various sources like overuse, arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fractures, sprains, and nerve issues. The intricate joints and soft tissues in your arm make this area vulnerable yet vital for everyday tasks. When you lose functionality here from pain and stiffness, normal activities become extraordinarily difficult. From turning doorknobs to typing emails to swinging a golf club, sudden sharp pains or nagging aches hamper your productivity and enjoyment of life.

Hope for Healing Without Surgery

If you’re an athlete or active 18 to 55-year-old battling elbow, wrist, or hand issues, you may worry you’ll never perform at your peak again. While severe cases sometimes do require surgery, a customized physical therapy program offers a powerful non-invasive approach to healing. Our expert physical therapists have helped hundreds of patients reduce arm and hand pain, regain mobility, rebuild strength, and return to their active lifestyles. Keep reading to understand how.

A Potent Physical Therapy Toolbox for Arm and Hand Pain in Denver

At TruStrength Performance & Rehab Physical Therapy, we utilize an array of evidence-based techniques to target the root causes of your elbow, wrist, and hand pain and get you lasting relief:

1. Pain and Inflammation Management
First, we focus on relieving your immediate pain and swelling to restore comfort and mobility. Hands-on manual therapy like massage, joint mobilizations, dry needling, and modalities like heat, ice, ultrasound, and e-stim dial down inflammation and irritation. This primes you for healing.
2. Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion
Next, we develop a customized flexibility program with stretches and range of motion exercises specifically suited to open up stiff, restricted joints in your elbow, wrist, and hand. Gentle, progressive movements extend your capabilities so you can complete tasks fluidly.
3. Strengthening and Neuromuscular Re-education
Finally, targeted strengthening builds up the muscular support around your arm’s joints. And neuromuscular re-education retrains proper movement patterns to prevent re-injury. Together, these strategies reinforce stability for lasting relief.

Over 6-12 weeks of therapy, most patients achieve significant reductions in arm and hand discomfort, renewed capability and stamina for daily activities, enhanced athletic performance, and substantially improved quality of life.

FAQs on Elbow, Wrist, and Hand Pain:

Why do my hand, wrist, and elbow hurt?
Many structures could contribute to hand, wrist, and elbow pain, from muscles and tendons to ligaments, nerves, bones and cartilage. Overuse with repetitive tasks often plays a role. An accurate diagnosis from our therapists pinpoints what’s causing your discomfort so we can target treatment effectively.

How do you relieve wrist and elbow pain?
We offer a combination of hands-on manual therapy, restorative exercises, and pain relief modalities tailored to your issue for relief. Joint mobilizations, massage, dry needling, heat/ice application, and ultrasonic therapy manage pain in the short term while active stretching and strengthening build support long term.

What is the treatment for tendonitis of the elbow, wrist, or hand?
Tendonitis treatment focuses on alleviating inflammation and scar tissue formation. We would utilize massage, needling, heat, rest periods, and elbow braces as needed along with eccentric strengthening exercises that load the tendon while it lengthens to stimulate healing.

When should I be worried about arm and hand pain?
Seek prompt medical attention for arm/hand pain accompanied by visible swelling or bruising, numbness or tingling, loss of strength or dexterity, or pain disrupting sleep. Getting ahead of injuries before extensive damage occurs gives the best shot at full recovery. Call us if you have any concerns.

Meet Your Expert Physical Therapy Team

Rest assured you’ll receive top-quality individualized care from our highly-trained physical therapists assisted by our support staff. Dr. Dani Lawson brings PT, DPT and focuses on restoring arm and shoulder conditions. We strive to deliver excellent service and outcomes through 1-on-1 hour-long physical therapy sessions. You’ll receive our undivided attention to meet your unique needs.

Take Control of Your Arm and Hand Pain Today

If elbow, wrist, or hand pain is interfering with your quality of life, take action now. Call (720) 515-2582 or request an appointment online to have a thorough evaluation with TruStrength Performance & Rehab Physical Therapy. Our proven approaches can help you reclaim pain-free mobility so you can thrive.

About The Author

Zach Harmon is a licensed Physical Therapist specializing in Physical Therapy. With years of experience in the field, Zach Harmon has dedicated their career to helping patients achieve their maximum physical potential and improve their quality of life. Currently practicing at TruStrength Performance & Rehab in Denver, Zach Harmon employs a patient-centered approach, combining cutting-edge techniques and personalized care plans to address a wide range of physical conditions.

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TruStrength has the best PT’s I’ve ever worked with. I’ve had appointments with both Zach and Dani and can say that they’re both outstanding! They’re knowledgeable, truly love what they’re doing, make you feel heard and customize your care for what your body needs. Highly recommend!

Dr Dani is awesome to work with – she is so versatile and a very thorough and talented physical therapist. She has helped me recover from acute trauma, post-surgical recovery, tame some old issues and improve my performance in movements and lifts where I just wasn’t making any progress. She always provides an easy to complete but very effective rehab program and is careful to tailor everything to what I need most at the moment. Always provides very effective therapy with kindness and laughter. I am extremely fortunate to have her for a therapist.