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We Help Active Adults and Athletes In The Denver Area Overcome Injury and Be Stronger Than Ever. All Without Medications, Injections, Stopping the Activity They Love, or Surgery

Don’t let an injury stop you from training. We’ll keep you moving while your body is healing.

The pain of an injury can make it feel impossible to stay active. It might seem like there’s no way you’ll ever fully heal.

But there are safe, natural, and effective techniques to heal your body and break through your old limitations. So you don’t just heal, you become fitter than ever.

To stop the pain and start healing, we’ll help you safely increase your activity levels, push your limits, and get stronger even when you’re dealing with an injury.

Building strength in both body and mind empowers you to move easier, perform better, and recover faster than you ever thought possible.

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Rebuild the trust between your body and your mind to build true strength.

Ordinary insurance-driven practices are crunched for time and give out cookie-cutter advice. They focus only on relieving the pain, not creating lasting changes.

It’s about living life to the fullest, a healthy body is requirement for that. Treating pain alone will not get you back to all the activities you enjoy.

​Our treatment model is different.

With our TruStrength approach, we help you take ownership of your own health. We can help bridge the gap between the medicine world and the fitness world.

We guide you to optimal wellness at your own pace. That often means fewer appointments and faster results. All we ask is you meet us half way and buy into the process.

In many cases, it also means your treatment is lower cost and more affordable than an insurance model.

The TruStrength Way


We first address any structural injuries or limitations to build a solid foundation for health.


We reset your expectations, which have a powerful impact on your healing rate. The mind and body need to be on the same page.


We create a balance between movement variability and specificity to help you achieve pain-free movement and return to activities you love.


We build both your strength and movement capacity to help heal from your injury and perform at your best. This will help create long lasting changes and not relive the injury again.

It’s more than just

Physical Therapy

It’s the ability to have an active role in your life and make memories that will last a lifetime. Your health plays a vital role in being able to do the things you love to do without limitations.

​That run that you did with your spouse or family member that you will remember forever.

That CrossFit workout that pushed you out of your comfort zone and that you got to enjoy with friends.

That powerlifting competition that you got to compete in with your little brother.

That injury you overcame that you allowed you to feel like you had control of your health again.

At TruStrength, we want to help guide you back to your best health. We seek to build TruStrength in Body and Mind.

At TruStrength,

We don’t “fix” anyone but we can show you how to evolve your health and life

We aren’t “healers” or “gurus”, but we can help guide you away from pain and injury

We aren’t “body mechanics”, but we can help you understand how your body operates and performs the best.

We are much more than just rehab specialists or physical therapists or manual therapists. What we do, who we are, and how we help is much more. We are critical thinkers, problem solvers, and curious humans who are interested in human health and performance to help others live the life they love.

Optimize your recovery with personal treatment videos

As part of your customized training program, each exercise is personalized just for you.

You’ll use your phone to record us as we demonstrate each exercise for you. We explain the dose, the frequency, and the intensity.

Personalized videos make it easy to do every exercise perfectly, every time, and get maximum benefit.

You can see exactly what you need to do, and replay the video anytime. No more confusing paper handouts!

Stop the pain on the first visit

We use a powerful combination of hands-on therapy and exercise to naturally relax muscles, reduce stress, and dampen your sympathetic response.

This “reset” relieves the pain of your injury.

But more importantly, It creates a “safe mode” that allows your body to move naturally again.

So you can get back in action and do the exercises that will help you achieve long-term healing.

Providers and Wellness Team

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Dr. Zach Harmon

Owner, Physical Therapist

Dr. Dani Lawson

PT, DPT, Cert. DN
Physical Therapist

Sydney Heuvelman

Clinic Manager &
Client Experience Specialist